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Cisco SLM248GT-EU

Cisco SLM248GT-EU

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  • Port (RJ-45) : 48-ports 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
  • mini-GBIC port : 2 combo mini-GBIC ports 
    Each combo mini-GBIC port has one 10/100/1000 Ethernet port and one mini-GBIC/SFP Gigabit Ethernet slot, with one port active at a time.
  • Forwarding rate : 10.12 Mpps (64-byte packets)
  • Switch Capacity : 13.6Gbps
  • Layer 2 Switching :
    • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) : Standard 802.1d STP support
    • Port grouping : IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
    • VLAN : 128 VLANs (out of 4096 VLAN IDs), Port-based and 802.1Q tag-based VLANs
  • Switch Management :
    • Built-in switch configuration utility for easy browser-based device configuration (HTTP)
    • Embedded RMON software agent supports one RMON group (statistics) for enhanced traffic management, monitoring, and analysis
    • HTTP, RADIUS, port mirroring, TFTP upgrade, DHCP client, BOOTP, SNTP, ping, syslog

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