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Tom Tom Bandit 4k HD

Tom Tom Bandit 4k HD

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The TomTom Bandit Action Camera is so easy to use and even edits your footage for you so you can get it straight up on social media even while you're still out in the thick of it.
The first ever 4K HD action camera with a built in media server, letting you edit video without having to download it first. You don't have to wait till you get home and spend hours editing your footage. Just shake your phone and the Bandit will put your best clips into an edit for you. You can tweak it if you like or just get on and share it.
Don't worry about using all the memory on your phone. Your footage stays on the Batt-stick in the camera so you'll only need space to upload your finished edit. Why wait till you get home when your edit can be ready to upload while you're still on the trail. Get your latest video on social media and then get on with making the next one right away.
No more frantic searching for a cable the night before your big ride. Just plug the Batt-stick straight into your computer for easy charging.
Just because you can edit your footage on the go doesn't mean you have to. All your footage stays safe in the USB Batt-stick ready to upload to your computer when you get home from your adventure.
Shoot in 4k at 15fps and 1080p at 60fps
Shoot and share high-resolution edited videos and stills
Show your action stats - speed, location, and altitude - on your playback
Shoot stills, Time Lapse and Slow Motion
Rotate the camera within the mount to always get a horizontal shot.
Comes complete with 2 x adhesive mounts and GoPro adapter, to fit all your existing mounts
Dimensions: 94mm x 52mm x 38mm
Video at 1080p30, 1080p60, 720p60, 720p120
Cinematic at 2.7k30, 4k15
Native time lapse at 4k30, 1080p30 (various capture intervals)
Native slow motion at 1080p x2, 720p x4, WVGA x6
Single and burst photo up to 16MP at 10/s
Up to 150 minutes recording time at 1080p30
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart and USB3.0 connectivity
Movie playback with sound
Accepts microSDHC, microSD

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