- Best Collection Service

- លក់ជួសជុល និង តម្លើង: Printer, Computer, Video Conference, PABX Telephone System LCD Projector, Copier ...
- Printer Ink Refill: HP, Canon, Brother, Minolta, Xerox, SamSung, Toshiba ...
- Office Machine for Rent: LCD, Computer, Printer, Fax, Scanner, Photo Copy.
- Office Machine Maintenance Service.
- Installing Network, Telephone System, Camera Security, Finger Print, Server.


Laptop and Desktop Repairing

 ជួសជុលគ្រប់បញ្ហា Laptop និង Desktop Software and Hardware


Networking installation
តម្លើង Server Network តូចធំគ្រប់ប្រភេទ




Camera and video conference installation

មានតម្លើង Camera សម្រាប់សាលប្រជុំ Camera សុវត្ថិភាព 




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